FW: Hollywood Muppets

Wow. This is so scary it's hillarious.




Big Bird and Queen Elizabeth II -- Both owe their stature to genetics.


Grandpa Grouch and Don Imus: One's a grouchy, nappy-headed hand puppet, the other's a grouchy, nappy-headed hack pundit.


Ernie & Bert and Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla -- Let's hope Jimmy and Adam never shared a bedroom.


Captain Breakfast and Brody Jenner -- One champions breakfast, the other lives off his dad's Wheaties sponsorship.


The Amazing Mumford and Billy Zane -- Wave your magic wand, say "A la peanut butter sandwiches," and try to make Billy Zane's hair reappear.


Benny Rabbit and Martin Scorsese -- Both in serious need of an eyebrow tweeze.


Sherlock Hemlock and Jeff Foxworthy -- If you host a show featuring children who are smarter than you, you just might be an obscure muppet. Tragically, you're just Jeff Foxworthy.


Guy Smiley and Ben Affleck -- Few celebrity craniums can compete with the size of Guy Smiley's. Ben's Beantown-bred bean is one of them.


Forgetful Jones and Alan Jackson -- "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning?)" won single of the year for Jackson . Forgetful can't remember where he was yesterday.


Janice and Donatella Versace -- So lifelike.


The Swedish Chef and Dr. Phil -- Does anyone really understand his semi-comprehensible gibberish?


Miss Piggy and Tori Spelling -- She brings home the bacon.


Sam the Eagle and Brad Garrett -- Everybody loves a unibrow.


Pepe the King Prawn and Steve Buscemi -- He's got Marty Feldman eyes.


Harvey Kneeslapper and Nick Nolte -- One's known for using joy buzzers, the other's been known to enjoy a buzz.


Elmo and actor Paul Dano -- There Will Be No-pun-good-enough-to-keep-this-caption-from-getting-negative-comments-from-Elmo-lovers.


Beaker and Carrot Top -- It's groundbreaking to have the world's first transgendered puppet.


Gorg and Bruce Vilanch -- Sally Jessy Raphael is that you?


 Crazy Harry and Chris Robinson -- that's scary.


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